DV8 Teens

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Natalie Stotts from T.H.I.N.K. (Teaching Health Instead of Nagging Kids) & Mission WV will be presenting information on a new community program that is free and open to all teens.  Parents are invited to join us Sunday, October 22nd, at 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall, to learn more about this incentive based program that encourages healthy choices, smart relationships, internet safety, dealing with conflicts & violence, smart phone safety, coping skills, dealing with bullying & more! Resources will be available & light refreshments will be provided. We will have activities for any teens who attend as well.

The program will begin at 7 p.m. on October 25th & will run for 13 weeks. All teens who complete the program will receive a reward.  This curriculum has been approved by Dr. Ron Duerring and Kanawha & Putnam County Schools.



If you have ever dealt with relationship issues, peer pressure, social media problems, or bullying, check out this new community program just for teens! It’s an incentive based program from THINK (Teaching Health Instead of Nagging Kids) & Mission WV designed to help teens navigate through these tough issues & more. The program meets every Wednesday for 13 weeks beginning October 25th! Bring some friends & see what it’s all about!


DV8 Youth Group is an exciting place to be!  With many weekly worship opportunities to participate in, as well as fun-filled activities to join.  DV8 youth is vitally active and always seeking ways to help teens build connections with God, each other, and the community through worship, discipleship, outreach activities, drama and music.

Great revivals start with young people full of energy & the Holy Spirit. It is our prayer that God will work through the students at Elk River Nazarene to start a revival for His glory!

We hope you will join us!