DV8 Teens

Robert Thompson, Student & Families Pastor

Robert Thompson

Student & Families Pastor




The Nazarene Youth Conference only happens every 4 years, and the next one will be held July 10-14, 2019!  It will be held in Phoenix, Arizona, and there is lots of work to be done in order to get our DV8 Youth on the scene!  We will be doing special fundraisers and activities just for the purpose of raising funds to help out on the trip.  Parents will have suggested payment plans as well.  It’s going to be an exciting week for them in Phoenix, filled with tons of concerts and inspiring life-changing messages brought each day!  Only high school students may attend NYC.

DV8 Youth Group is an exciting place to be!  With many weekly worship opportunities to participate in, as well as fun-filled activities to join.  DV8 youth is vitally active and always seeking ways to help teens build connections with God, each other, and the community through worship, discipleship, outreach activities, drama and music.

Great revivals start with young people full of energy & the Holy Spirit. It is our prayer that God will work through the students at Elk River Nazarene to start a revival for His glory!

We hope you will join us!