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kevin white family

12 checked bags… 7 at 70 lbs., 5 at 50 lbs., plus two carry-on bags each for a total of 20 (plus my ukulele)!  We never could have made it to this point without the amazing help of so many people.  Even the Alaska Airlines agents were excited for us and amazed to hear how God has ordered everything these past few months. We are sitting in the Seattle Airport just about to leave (they are beginning to board).  We arrive on Tuesday morning at 11:10 am local time in Bangkok!
This morning’s service at College Church in Nampa was perfect… thank you Pastor Scott Daniels for a great sermon on going out to do the work of the Church while remaining connected to the Source!  If you’ve never heard Pastor Scott go online and listen… you won’t be disappointed! Some friends drove from Redmond to see us off and after a long and hard day of preparation and goodbyes we are on our way. Thank you so much for your continued prayers as we follow this crazy path that God has called us to.  We have to board now so our next communication will be from Thailand!  Can’t wait to see you all on the other side of the ocean!

The Campbell-Whites